With Nutrisystem healthy food can be tasty too!

Hi, I am Jess and I work at a local art museum in Pennsylvania. I along with 8 other people work here. The nine of us are great friends as we’ve worked together for quite a while now. We even spend time together outside of work. A couple of months back, we impulsively decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Let’s start about our journey before we get to the amazing Nutrisystem coupons.

We started our journey by cutting off junk food and fast food from our diets. We ate green veggies and baked beans and fruits. We also took a membership at a nearby gym. As you’d expect our commitment wavered and our “healthy lifestyle” lasted for a single week. After that, we were back to eating burgers and fries and the gym membership cards were forgotten. Some of us used it to cut pies instead. We really wanted to start eating healthy food but veggies tasted bland and we couldn’t get used to it. We wanted something that was tasty and healthy at the same time but finding food that was healthy and tasty seemed unlikely. That’s when we discovered the perfect diet plan; Nutrisystem. Before I disclose my Nutrisystem promo code let me tell you about Nutrisystem.

Reasonably priced

Nutrisystem is inexpensive and affordable for people from all income groups. Honestly, we don’t get paid much. The museum isn’t very popular and is visited by some locals on Sundays and occasional tourists. After you deduct the maintenance cost and everything there isn’t much left for us. But we can manage easily. Nutrisystem meals are priced at $10 a day. In addition to that, you can look for Nutrisystem deals to get up to a $2 discount. All of us have saved a lot on our lunch allowance which is $10. With Nutrisystem diet plan we can get 6 meals for that amount instead of just lunch.

First Month of Using Nutrisystem

Free FedEx delivery with all meals

Nutrisystem offers free FedEx delivery with all meals which has made life incredibly easy for us. The food is delivered right to our museum and it is always on time. The other meals are delivered to our respective homes. If your delivery is delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances you can always snack on the Nutrisystem lunch bar!

Requires a just a couple of minutes to prepare

All meals are pre-cooked and require a prep-time of a few minutes. You just need to microwave it at the specified temperature for a specified time and it will be ready within minutes. As you wait for the oven to ding you could look for Nutrisystem coupon codes in the newspaper.

All kinds of delicious

For breakfast you can have a bagel or a roll or a muffin. The lunch menu has loads of melts to choose from and other options like three cheese chicken and hamburgers. For dinner you can have a pizza or lasagna. No matter what you choose to eat, let me tell you this, everything is delicious.

Meal plans tailored for you

Nutrisystem provides 6 meals a day and you can choose from three different meal plans. They will even help you choose the appropriate meal time as per your schedule and requirement. The uniquely yours plan allows you to design your very own customized meal plan.

My friend Paul is a vegetarian and he was a little worried because he thought Nutrisystem didn’t provide a vegetarian option. However, his worry was short lived. Nutrisystem did have meal plans for vegetarians. Now, Paul can choose from over a 90 different foods. Nutrisystem also has meal plans for diabetics.

Healthy meals

Eating healthy was the whole point of trying Nutrisystem and our goal has been achieved. Nutrisystem has a group of nutrition experts and dietitians who know what they’re doing. Nutrisystem provides food that is rich in protein and has doesn’t have trans fat. It provides the right mix of nutrients to nourish your body. The high-fiber helps you to feel full for longer which helps to minimize cravings. No preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors are added.

Transform your body

Nutrisystem not only provides you with healthy food but helps you lose weight and tone your body too. Ever since, I’ve started this meal plan I have felt a huge difference in my body. I feel a lot lighter and active. The meals don’t make me drowsy and I’ve also lost some weight. Nutrisystem’s controlled meal portion, right nutrients and frequent meals does wonders to your body. Nutrisystem has truly transformed me. All my friends at work have had a similar experience. Timothy who we called ‘Fat Tim’ is no longer as fat. In fact, we might have to start calling him “Fit Tim” soon.

Change your lifestyle for the better

Try out Nutrisystem meal plans and watch yourself transform! You will not regret it.

For your convenience all of us have come up with a few pros and cons of Nutrisystem to help you decide:


  • Healthy and tasty food at a reasonable price; Nutrisystem coupons like 40% off are announced here.
  • Free delivery right at your doorstep
  • Transforms your body and makes you feel active


  • Heating your food at the workplace could be difficult
  • Following the meal plans means no take out or parties
  • Requires a lot of self-discipline and takes time to get used to

What started as an impulsive idea, turned out to be one of the best decisions of our lives. Nutrisystem has helped make our workplace a lot better. It has helped us to improve our performance and has made us feel active and beautiful.